Badges and Awards
60100 Daisy Guide Cover 60200 BR Guide Cover 60300 JR Guide Cover

.Petals, Badges and  Patches!  The girls of Troop 1806, within their respective patrols, and also as a troop, have a wide selection of badges, patches, Journeys and activities to choose from when planning their activities.  Troop 1806 Daises work on their petals, leaves and Journeys, and now have new badges this year!  Troop 1806 Brownies and Juniors can work on badges and patches described in their respective Girls Guides to Girl Scouting, as well as the Girl Scout Leadership Journeys.  A bunch of new badges and Journeys, mostly STEM and Outdoor related, were introduced this summer, but we are still trying to figure them out

Troop 1806 Scouts of all ages and program levels can also work on Council badges and patches.  And if that’s not enough, girls can work on badges and patches from other Girl Scout councils around the United States!  Our Junior Girl Scouts can work on the Bronze Award, the third highest award in Girl Scouting.

In the fall of 2011, national GSUSA retired the previous Brownie Try-It book and Junior Badge book, replacing them with program-level Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girls Guides to Girl Scouting.  These Girls Guides have a unified badge and Journeys theme.  Each program level (Daisy, Brownie and Junior) have three Journeys to choose from.  Daisies continue working on their Scout Law petals, and can earn leaves for the petals.  Starting with the Brownie program level, there are also badges that can be earned - seven Legacy badges, four Cookie/Financial Literacy badges, fifteen “Skills Building” badge, which are five badges linked in with each of the three Journeys, and one “Make Your Own” badge each year - literally, write your own requirements!

While these are new badges, the actual number of badges that can be earned each year by Brownies and Juniors were substantially reduced from those which were available in the Brownie Try-It Book and the Junior Badge Book.  On the plus side, the Girls Guide, organized as a ring-binder to allow easy access and adding girls own pages and projects, contains a relevant grade-level handbook, and also integrates the new badges nicely with the existing Journeys program (see below).

journey_with_me_150Journeys:  A few years ago GSUSA rolled out a new program concept called “Journeys.”  These are pre-packaged, goal-oriented programs, based on a specific leadership theme.  The program is usually administered with a Leader Book for each Journey, as well as optional Journey Book for each girl.  The Journeys are grade-level specific, and can be done over the time frame the leaders and girls may select. There is also considerable freedom to “meander” on these Journeys, adding trips and projects, badges, campouts, field trips, etc.  With the new Girls Guides, Journeys have become a more important and integrated part of the Girl Scout program for each program level.

Journeys are the foundation of what GSUSA calls the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  The Journeys are designed to provide opportunities for girls to work in teams, learn about topics of personal interest, and grow as they use a variety of leadership skills to complete challenges.  The Girl Scout Leadership Experience supports girls as they discover their values, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place through a series of fun activities for them to do, think about, and discuss.